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Governance and Staffing

Important Governance Information

All early childhood services are required to follow National Education and Care Laws and Regulations. This ensures that services provide high quality education and care for all children.

At Riverstone Public School Preschool, we are also guided by the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework in planning a responsive program to meet the individual needs of your child.

As a Department of Education Preschool, we are also responsible for following the Leading and Operating Department Preschools Guidelines.

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Staffing at Preschool

Our Preschool Team is made up of Early Childhood Teachers, School Learning and Support Officers (SLSO), an Aboriginal Education Officer and volunteers.Mr Cruikshank is our Principal. Collectively we consider ourselves all as educators and each contribute to children’s learning. We also have educators from K-6 apart of our school relieving us for breaks and planning time. Together we all bring diverse expertise, experience and talents to deliver a quality service supporting children’s learning and development through age appropriate program and planning. 

Our Principal - also called the responsible person in charge, educational leader and nominated supervisor. He has delegated and appointed the supervision of the Preschool education program to the Preschool—Kindergarten supervisor. This person is known as the Preschool Supervisor. 

The Preschool Supervisor - is a member of the executive team who has deep knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework, is aware of the National Quality Standards and is responsible for supporting the educators implement a quality curriculum, as well as ensuring policies and procedures are followed at all times.  

Our qualified Early Childhood Teachers - are responsible for; planning and implementing a quality play-based program that is relevant to the children in their local context and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and translating school policies and programs into suitable learning experiences that are inclusive and meaningful for the children in the preschool. 

Our SLSO’s - are our qualified Early Childhood, School Learning and Support Officers with a minimum Certificate 3 level approved qualification. They assist our teachers to implement the preschool program. 

Our valued volunteers and secondary or tertiary education students - join our team from time to time. They participate in an induction process and assist teachers and SLSO’s as required throughout the day. These helpers have completed a working with children check and staff induction before working in the preschool.

Relieving and duty teachers and educators - wherever possible have early childhood qualification and expertise. We work hard to ensure consistency and continuity for children by having familiar and regular staff cover primary throughout the week to cover staff lunch breaks and planning times. All regular relieving and K-6 staff complete an annual Preschool induction process guided with the Principal, Preschool supervisor and educator team.