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The Preschool Program

Educational Program

During your child’s time at Riverstone Public School Preschool, teachers and educators engage in playful learning with your child, in line with our service philosophy and deep understanding of how young children learn best. While playing with your child, we make observations of learning which are analysed using the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The analysis drives our planning decisions, determining ways in which your child’s learning can be extended. The implementation of those plans is detailed in our shared program. 

Through an evaluation and reflection process, the learning cycle continues and planning for your child is consolidated and new possibilities are explored. You will find an overview of the educational program displayed at preschool and have access to your child’s individual program via our secure digital media app and through conversation with teachers. 

For more information about the EYLF, available in many community languages, please follow this link:


Partnerships for Enhancing Children’s Learning 

At Riverstone PS Preschool, we believe that children’s learning is enhanced through active and regular conversation and collaboration with families. We value your expertise, insights and aspirations for your child’s program. We are interested in your opinions and are here to support you with any queries or worries about your child’s learning too.

  • We host formal shared planning meetings where progress and development are discussed. From these we can ensure individualised programs are addressing shared learning priorities and supporting children’s development in all areas of the EYLF.
  • Term 1 – meeting to discuss your child's progress and setting goals. 
  • Term 3-4 – meeting to discuss your child's progress, finalise goals and complete Transition to School Statements and individual planning through the transition to school process.